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Patent 2231899

The Filter for Interference Suppression
in Power Circuits of Digital Chips

Patent of Russia  No. 2231899

Low efficiency of filtering schemes recommended by manufacturers of processors stems from low internal resistance of a processor as a source of interference in power distribution circuits.

The presented invention (the multi-section filter) is designed to be applied to PC motherboards, to power circuits of PCI, PCI-E and AGP expansion cards and memory modules, and immediately to audio and video cards. As opposed to currently used engineering solutions recommended by manufacturers of processors, the invention is based on selective suppression of interferences generated by devices listed above with multi-section low-pass filters, which leads to the following benefits:

1. Applying The filter for interference suppression in power circuits of digital chips (hereafter, The Filter) to processors and controllers of a PC main board allows:

1.1    Lowering the cost of a main board by using cheap oxide condensers in power filters and by excluding reel parts (such as inductance chokes with ferrite iron) or replacing them with ferrite absorbing tubes. This allows cutting the expenses of assembling as well.

1.2    Lowering the cost of a design process by simplifying the design requirements for the power distribution topology of a main board.

1.3    Decreasing the heat dissipation in a system chassis or portable PC by 12 to 20 per cent of CPU consumed power. The same applies to the chips of a North bridge (data bus controller). The remaining heat dissipation makes less than 1 per cent of a usual filter. In portable computers this allows installing more powerful processors with current cooling systems.

1.4    Decreasing the CPU heating by 1 to 5 per cent due to absorption of high-frequency part of CPU-generated interference by the last part of The Filter.

1.5    Increasing the anti-jamming capability of main board units by high-quality filtering of the consumed voltage. Such filtering excludes spreading of CPU-generated interference to other circuits via parasite condensances.

1.6    Lowering the level of high-frequency radiation in a system chassis due to filtration improvement and, as a result, total suppression of power distribution circuits radiation. This as well increases the anti-jamming capability of a system and excludes re-radiation of CPU-generated interference from power distribution circuits outside a system chassis. As a consequence, information security improves.

2. Applying The Filter to the power supply of extension cards installed into PCI and AGP slots of a main board is implemented by placing the last part of The Filter (and the last but one, if necessary) on a unit being protected. The rest parts are placed on main boards power distribution circuits.

2.1. Effect of applying The Filter to video cards.

The cost of video cards production can be lowered due to an ability of using cheaper oxide condensers in processor power circuits. In some cases it is possible to give up using condensers at all.

Applying The Filter decreases the temperature of video processor and memory chips by 1 to 5 per cent, increases the stability of their operation by improved filtration of induced voltage jamming in power distribution circuits of video card processor. As a result of applying The Filter, the heat dissipation produced by the power of interference generated by video processor and memory decreases down to 12 to 20 per cent of consumed power. The radiation level of interference generated by video processor is lowered as well.

2.2. Effect of applying The Filter to memory modules.

Applying The Filter lowers the temperature of chips by 1 to 5 per cent, increases the stability of their operation by improved filtration of induced voltage jamming in power distribution circuits of memory modules. Moreover, applying The Filter decreases the temperature of filter elements and power control of a main boards memory modules, which allows using cheaper oxide condensers and eliminating inductance chokes. The radiation level of interference generated by memory chips in power distribution circuits is lowered as well.

Applying The Filter to power circuits of memory modules should be complex. It means that integrating The Filter into main boards power circuits for memory modules supply should be accomplished with installing the last part right near the chips and the last but one on a memory module.

2.3. Effect of applying The Filter to audio cards.

Applying The Filter improves the filtration of consumed voltage in whole frequency spectrum range: from processed audio signal to the speed of audio card processor. As a result, the mutual spreading of signals between channels via power distribution circuits is decreased, as well as the level of noise produced by invasion of processor-generated interference into analog output circuits. The Filter diminishes nonlinear distortions in high-frequency part of operation range caused by voltage fluctuations synchronous with a processed signal.

As in other cases, applying The Filter allows using cheaper oxide condensers in a power filter.

3. The peculiarities of applying The Filter to video cards with a separate connection to the system power supply and the obtained effect.

Modern high-speed video cards use direct power input from the main system power supply. This is the consequence of the large power consumption of such cards. In this case all the effects specific to main boards show up on these video cards. In the same way, all the technical effects of applying The Filter propagate to such cards. The economical effect in analogous as well. See section 1.

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